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With Real Time Information (RTI) for PAYE going live for 2013-14 on 6 April, AccountingWEB has pulled together an essential guide covering the different stages of the submission process.

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    12th Apr 2013 12:27


    This looks comprehensive. 

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    16th Apr 2013 09:10

    Casual workers

    A very good guide but it still does not seem clear to me what happens when an employer submits invalid data on employees especially regarding casual workers i.e. is the employer obligated to go back and submit corrected information and what are the potential penalties if they do not.

    The practical aspects apply particularly to casual workers. A farm for example can hire a casual worker for one day for cash. The farm manager collects the employee details and using the HMRC relaxations, the office / payroll bureau submits those details later either on the earlier of the next regular return or 7 days after payment (it seems for 2013/14 that the details can be submitted up to 19 May 2014 without penalty).

    But on submission it is found that a false name and/or incorrect/not-valid NINO has been given. Meanwhile the casual worker has long since disappeared into the sunset..........

    Can anyone help?

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    By Old B
    24th Apr 2013 21:02

    Data security of Basic Payroll Tools - zero built-in AFAIK...

    Has anyone tried to make the HMRC BPTools data secure?

    I waited for the latest download before checking the security but it appears that the data could easily be copied and used on a different PC by anyone who took the time to copy it onto another PC onto which they had downloaded a "personal" (and free) copy of the Tools. Login security is irrelevant as a Bootable CD and a Pen Drive bypasses that in 3-4m.

    My instincts are to encrypt the appropriate folders (using Windows (Pro?) EFS) but ideally I want to see if/how many other people had tackled the problem and if they had better ideas

    If this isn't the right place to ask (I did see a 3-year old forum on Data Security here and I did look at the "IT Zone") - can anyone suggest a forum where RTI is discussed and there are a few active I.T. professionals in the membership with whom I can have the dialogue?

    Many thanks in advance... Old B

    P.S. I couldn't fit this into the Subject and nearly forgot to add...

    HMRC explicitly say that when using the BPT:

    The security of the data held in the Basic PAYE Tools is your responsibility.

    on page: and others...

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    27th Apr 2013 18:49


    For irregular payees, in months where there is no work does it make any difference if you include them in a submission with zero pay or leave them out entirely? HMRC said do the latter, but were couldn't say whether the former would help avoid them being deleted after 13 weeks, which is what I want to do.


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    28th Apr 2013 15:05

    Irregular payees

    There is an irregular payment indicator on the FPS. You need to mark this as ‘Yes’ on each Full Payment Summary (FPS) if the employee is paid on an irregular basis + is unlikely to be paid for > three months. If this is not done then if they have not been paid for 3 months then HMRC might assume they have left. 

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