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Your nominations for the best of Any Answers are still coming in which is great. So keep them coming. As the number of nominations grow it is interesting to see how many revolve around a limited number of key areas. In practice: how do I kick start my business, how do I acquire clients, how much do I charge, and, when Im ready to let it all go, how do I arrange a successful exit. Obviously our friends at the revenue pop up with alarming frequency the rules around disclosure seem to have most members reaching for their keyboard for advice, only slightly ahead of benefits in kind and expenses. Of course, it will come as no surprise to hear that tax is by far the biggest headache for everyone. Questions on associated companies could fill a book on their own. Confusion over the new CIS schem...

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By Anonymous
16th Oct 2007 09:26

Prominent writers and contributors

You forgot the formidable TOT, the Prof TOTs (Sr) and Matthew.

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16th Oct 2007 09:32

Include these "titles"

Best Critic, Best Inputs, Most humorous inputs, Most meaningful contributions.

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