Apple Mac users denied online tax return filing access

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It would appear that the Revenue is only keen to have Window-based PC users filing their tax returns online, and is not offering the service to Apple Mac users.

A letter to the Guardian on 29 April reveals that Mac users are being discriminated against by the Revenue when it come to online filing.

The letter reads:

"For the past two years I have filed my tax return over the internet and found it quick and efficient, but the collectors have now denied me access. If I had a Windows operating system - even as old as 98 - I could access the self-assessment site. However, I use Mac's 9.2.2 operating system, which is no good for the IR bods.

It is o...

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05th May 2004 23:08

Hello Mac Users
Just to let you know there is someone promoting your interests

As a Mac user since 1984 I was damned if I was going to knuckle down and convert to Windows when Self Assessment was introduced so I wrote my own program

For the past 8 years I have been publishing Tax Manager (a Filemaker Runtime program) which ironically also works on Windows

We are not internet ready yet, but this is coming soon due to the very effective pressure of the online filing incentives on our other product, Wages Clerk

Visit us at


David Ross

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06th May 2004 15:41

It can be done.
I agree you can file with a Mac. I've done it for the last two years on an original iMac running OS 9.2.2. This year, once I'd collected all the stuff together, it only took twenty minutes to enter it on-line and I was so impressed I e-mailed the Revenue to congratulate them!

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03rd May 2004 14:33

Early adopters
What's crazy about this is that Mac users have a history of generally being the first to adpot new ways of doing things, especially when over the internet.

I know that I'd be keen on entering my tax return on-line (via my Mac) this year, rather than ploughing through the forms like I have before.

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04th May 2004 10:21

mac users
Having started this hare running (and not quite believed it)I can say that it is not true !

To use Inland Revenue Online Services, you require:

Operating System and Browser requirements

PC Users:

* Operating system: Windows 98 or above (i.e. Windows ME/NT/2000/XP)

* Internet browsers: Internet Explorer 5.0 or above; Netscape 4.75;
Opera 6.0

Mac Users:

* Operating system: Mac OS9 or above

* Internet browsers: Internet Explorer 5.1; Netscape 4.77

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05th May 2004 16:46

No problem
I can confirm there's absolutely no problem using the IR service on a Mac.

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