Atlas brings QuickBooks ad-ons to Europe

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US developer Atlas Business Solutions, is gearing up to bring a range of add-ons for Intuit's QuickBooks accounting program to the European market.

ABS UK director Phil Hames previously worked for Intuit and paid a visit to Softworld Accounting & Finance this week to sound out payroll developers and software resellers as potential outlets for the Atlas range.

He brought three CD-ROMs with him, ranging from the 80 Ultimate Business Planner to Staff Files, a 200 HR program, and Visual Staff Scheduler a tool that enabled service and staff-based organisations to create graphical charts for people that could output cost and time reports.

Brandishing Staff Files, he...

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By maws
27th Oct 2005 16:07

Wrong Tel number
Not only does ABS not feature in Europe it the telephone number kindly supplied by John doesn't connect to the right party either the last 3 digits '053' end up with calling a business with '100' at the end.

But the USA website does work.

Incidentally, the cashflow forecast addition could be very useful as QB's 6 weeks limitation doesn't meet my usual planning needs. Most of my experience hasn't required such cashflow finessing over 6 weeks.! Maybe I've just been lucky.


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05th Mar 2004 11:11

It does work - sort of
Richard - there is a live link to abs-europe, but the index page appears to be password protected. I suspect it isn't quite ready yet.

Until it its, you can find information about the products themselves at the ABS USA website or telephone ABS UK at 01628 509053.

Sorry for the inconvenience - that's what you get for being ahead of the news!

John Stokdyk

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