AUGUST SOFTWARE NEWS: Infor trims 42 positions at Pegasus

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29 August - Infor, the new owner of Systems Union, announced 42 redundancies at its Pegasus subsidiary, just days after the company announced the launch of the latest version of Opera II.

The cuts affected 12 developers, some of whom specialise in Visual FoxPro programming for Opera II. Pegasus managing director Gary Turner said the company was planning to "reconfigure" its R&D team before the Infor acquisition. This coincided with the other cutbacks, he explained.

"In every merger and acquisition, there is an element of centralisation and there are bound to be casualties," he said. "It's sad, but what is absolutely definite following the acquisition is that Infor is investing in Pegasus as a brand and a business."

He added that Opera II is developed with Visual FoxPro, but can work with both...

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