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Capium Accountants' Suite

Capium: The practice in the cloud is here

28th May 2015
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For several years, AccountingWEB has been on the look out for what we call “the practice in the cloud” - a web-based system that could cope with all the basic software needs of a small accounting practice.

We have heard sightings of such a beast in the US in the shape of CCH Axcess, but any questions about it in the UK have been bounced across the Atlantic. But it turns out that the subject of our long-running quest was parked right next to our stand at the recent Accountex event in the shape of Capium.

We last heard of this outfit a year ago, when Capium appeared at the same event. Founder Tushir Patel described 2014 as a “soft launch”, and assured AccountingWEB that it was now up and running with real users in the field.

This year’s Accountex, he said, represented the “first big branding exercise” for Capium.

The complete package now incorporates bookkeeping with final accounts output, integrated payroll, corporation tax, personal tax and practice management, Patel said.

Feedback so far had been positive and Capium has signed up around 100 practices, some for the whole suite and some for parts of it, he added.

After testing the water around different pricing approaches, Capium has setting on a per module subscription fee of £150 per year.

Capium has mentioned several times on the AccountingWEB grapevine during the past year, with curious members keen to get their hands on a working version.

Those who have tried it out it are enthusiastic, including MrMe89, who commented after looking at a demo version: “It seemed to tick a lot of our boxes and the price is good too compared to other practice solutions.”

Now what people will be keen to learn more about his how the live version works. AccountingWEB has signed up for a test account and will report back shortly as part of a wider survey of practice management software options.


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By Dishant Desai
28th May 2015 11:32

Used it

I have tried it and i like the integration between bookkeeping and accounts production. Personal tax is bit on downside but I am sure Tushir and his team are working hard to get that sorted.


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By Michael Beaver
28th May 2015 12:13

What's missing?

It would be interesting to know for each module the functionality that it doesn't cover.  Payroll modules from accounting providers are notorious for not having all of the functionality of payroll bureau sites for example.

Also, for the accounts production - does it do all reporting for all kinds of entities, does it cover full IFRS, audited accounts, etc?

I agree having an integrated solution like this looks intriguing.



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By timmypunk
28th May 2015 12:17

I use it

I use ,find it has all the functionality , with unlimited users ,I have set up one client who actually uses the bookkeeping package within the system , her passwords are restricted to bookkeeping and payroll , I also have another client that uses it for there payroll



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By Harrison88
28th May 2015 12:20

Tried it

Wasn't for me. I found the user interface quite difficult to get my head around from an agent perspective.

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By User deleted
28th May 2015 12:40

Comments …

The website is Wordpress and yet the application(s) is Visual Studio

Interesting syntax & wording in T&C’s – rather stilted – perhaps needs reviewing to make more sense in some areas -

‘.. FREE upgrades - Unlike most other accounting software, we include free support and upgrades for the entire time you are using Capium ..’

Surely 'free upgrades' is the default position with most SaaS/Cloud applications, especially in a multi-tenanted environment where these are the ‘de facto’ standard – so why try to make it sound as though they are the exception rather than the norm? If they were not free what happens if a user choses not to upgrade - would they seriously attempt to run multiple versions of the app?

The well-worn phrase ‘work anywhere’ is getting a bit tired – it was novel 10 years ago but now a days should really be a given a rest

How does Capium define the difference between Online Accounting & Cloud Accounting because they seem to make a distinction between the two without any explanation

The Registration page contains Google Analytics but no notification relating to the EU cookie directive or default acceptance

Finally, in today’s environment any new SaaS systems should really be web-service enabled – there is no mention of api’s within this system; do they exist

Other than that – good luck to them – apart from the Practice Management most of the rest are pretty standard offerings in an already pretty crowded sector

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28th May 2015 12:44

Trialing it, not too happy

I undertook the demo on Tuesday, it looked great,  I only want it for the practice management module including staff time tracking and calculating client invoices.


I only have 11 clients and 3 part time members of staff so I thought the setup would be easy.


So far I have spent 5 hours setting up clients, import only took over basic details and I still do not have the deadlines imported as there is not enough information in the help screen as to the data settings.  For example I have entered the client names, the last submission date for VAT Return and accounts, saved the downloaded template and when I try to import it into Capium the file is rejected as the dates are not valid.  How can dates be invalid, I checked the setting in the excel sheet and the date field is set as date.


In the demo I was shown you could enter your client's name and registration number and all the data was imported from Companies House, in the live system - not possible.


I would hate to be trying to set up any more clients.  I have been desperate for this style of system but I do not know if I can live with it.  We currently use Toggl Desktop for tracking the time everyone spends on tasks for each client and I use the reports for the payroll and the client invoicing and a whiteboard on the office wall for VAT Return reminders and year end reminders.  This may remain the default setting.

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Replying to Accountant A:
By 2shpatel
28th May 2015 18:39


Disclaimer: A founding member 

Many thanks for the feedback @pamdill. I've looked into this case this afternoon with the team and understand you have been rebooked for a demo next week. Let's hope we can get you on track after that. I'm sure this is more an exercise with regards to educating the PM system out, rather than not working, however I can only apologise on behalf of the team with regards to the time taken for you to setup your firm.

This process is continuously evolving and we have much more to offer shortly in terms of PM, as we understand that this is an area of heavy focus. Our intention with PM is to provide the control back into your hands, whereby you have the ability to customise the system to your needs. With this in mind, it also requires educating the service in much more depth, hence I'm glad to hear we've managed to rebook the demo.

Feel free to contact me if you are still facing difficulties, as our intention has always been to simplify your processes, with PM as well as the rest of the platform.


[email protected] 


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By mabzden
28th May 2015 13:19


I've been using gbooks for about two years, and that is also a cloud-based suite for small accounting practices. So I'm not sure why Aweb thinks this is all new. Maybe they need to keep up!


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By zak khan
29th May 2015 00:08

Using It For 4 Months & Very Happy With It

I had been looking for an integrated software package in the cloud for some time and chanced across this when a new client was using the free bookkeeping software.

I signed up for the free trial and like most people found the instructions pretty thin on the detail and had Capium do a couple of Demos with me before I signed up with them and since then I have moved all the office work on to the system and I have found the initial investment in setup (not easy!) more justified by the time saved from the intigrated database and the linked accounts, tax, payroll and practice management (I like to think of Capium as a smart accountants IRIS).

There is a lot of functionality in the software which is not apperant unless you use it fulltime (and Capium don't help themselves by not making them easier to know about) such as the client document portal (unlimited data limited - I think?) and ability to personalise workflow amongst others.

I would reccommend it to anyone who is wanting modern practice software to allow them to make most of modern working practices i.e flexibility to work where and when you want to. I have been able to work from home or client offices much more.    

There are a couple of new features that were mentioned by the team when I met them at Accountex such as the company secterial module and electronic signatures, which when rolled out should make it even better.

Customer support has been excellant for me - Take a bow Sanjay.

Happy to share more details on my experiance just PM me.

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By Bethany
29th May 2015 12:24

Isn't a subscription fee of £150 per year a bit too much?

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accountant in london
By Accountant in London
02nd Aug 2015 10:16

Currently status
Hi. Does any one have more up dates/experience to share on this software

The software does sound promising.


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accountant in london
By Accountant in London
02nd Aug 2015 10:15

I also think £150 per module is a bit steep especially for accountants who need all the modulez.

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By timmypunk
03rd Aug 2015 12:02


I use it , and find easy to use , the ability to download a template and upload makes invoice inputting useful .


Some of my clients use it for payroll , and I help ,saves them purchasing a software package.

one uses it  ,an one I do the cash book , payroll and purchases and they submit there sales and use it for  management information

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