Christmas Gadget Countdown Day 11: Nothing but gadgets!

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Nigel Harris
Burton Sweet
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As the 2012 Countdown draws to a festive close, it seemed only right to break out of the limitations of "executive peripherals" and look at a few downright unnecessary gadgets!

Things like the self stirring mug, for example, or the Doctor Who sonic screwdriver TV remote, a couple of essential Christmas gadgets if ever we saw them.

Not exactly gadgets, but ideal antidotes to seasonal overeating: the Eat Fit dumb bell cutlery. The idea is that you have to work for your food, so the knife and fork weigh 1Kg each and the spoon weighs in at a massive 2Kg. Eating another bowl of Christmas pudding could be a real work out this year! Only £54.99 but watch out for the postage charge!!

With the iPhone still riding high as everyone's favourite, why not take it to the limit with an iPhone-controlled model helicopter? Or for some music on the move, maybe while walking the dog on Boxing Day, try the iHat Music hat, a woolly hat with built-in speakers and in-line mic and remote control.

Maxed out your credit cards? Here's the perfect aid to that New Year resolution to curb your spending - cut them up! Or rather, get the Pickmaster Plectrum Punch and turn your unwanted cards into unique guitar picks

However, my favourite from the online gadget stores this year has to be the VW Camper Tent - a four-man tent that looks like a full sized 1965 split-windscreen VW camper van. Coming to a festival site near you in 2013, available in red, blue or peppermint green!





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20th Dec 2012 11:14

If I were to chose an unnecessary gadget, it would probably be the entire contents of Hawkin's Bazaar.

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16th Feb 2013 05:57

I have never used gadgets but want to buy ,So can you tell me the best online gadgets store.

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