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Christmas Gadget Countdown Day 12: Final day - the editors' choices

20th Dec 2012
Partner Burton Sweet
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Christmas is almost upon us and the AccountingWEB editorial team have come up with their favourite gadgets of the year.

There's no surprise with the overall winner, which once again is the Apple iPhone.

What was surprising was the reluctance to spend out on the iPhone 5 model, with most preferring the 4S (although Anne Fairpo comments that the smaller screen on the 4S looks oddly tiny after using the 5 regularly). Personally I have been refusing Android replacements for my iPhone 3GS each year our corporate contract renews, and it's still going strong.

Rachael Power, Robert Lovell and Mark Lee also rate the iPhone 4S, but all add that they'd love it if Santa could arrange for it to have a longer battery life! Gail Purvis may have come to their rescue with the Morphie Powerstation, a quick-charging unit to quickly get your iPhone back up when you're away from a handy power source. Morphie also make a clip on backup battery that doubles as a case for serious power consumers.

Getting away from i-things, Philip Fisher is still passionate about his Arcam rCube speakers, proving that you can't keep accountants away from their favourite music.

I tried to tempt John Stokdyk away from the iPhone without success, but sticking to the musical theme he suggests the ultimate gadget for the after hours accountant/guitarist: the iRig STOMP box, a guitar effects pedal which connects to your iPhone to provide a wide range of downloadable, programmable guitar effects. It certainly gets my vote too.


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