Christmas Gadget Countdown Day 8 – Audio and hi-fi

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AccountingWEB readers polls have established one thing over the years – accountants love their music. But what should the audiophile have on his/her 2012 Christmas list?

For convenience over hi-fi quality, I would go for an iPod every time. The latest iPod Touch is the perfect mobile music device, you can connect it to most modern car audio systems, to a computer or to your home audio system. Apple’s iTunes software also makes managing and buying music about as simple as it could possibly be.

Over at Stuff magazine their hi-fi winner for 2012 is once again the Sonos multi-room digital music system, which enables you to pipe your music collection to any room in the house using wireless connections and a handy portable controller. Even better is that the price of these systems seems to be falling all the time.

Not good enough for you? Then you’ll want to look at the NaimUniti2 audio system, which is just about the most expensive music streaming device you can buy at £2,795. Its 70 watt output should be enough for all but the biggest lounge – sorry, I meant office.

“Would you like speakers with that, sir?” Yes please, I’ll go for the equally impressive B&W 800 Diamond speakers (£18,000 the pair). The sound quality only starts to decline some 10 kHz beyond the limits of human hearing, so no complaints on that front.

The other thing that the finance professional needs next to their desk is, of course, a DAB radio (how else can they listen to Planet Rock?). The top DAB tuner is the Arcam T32 (£600), although any Pure Audio DAB radio will sound pretty good in a small office. Naturally, we’d go for the Evoke model styled after a Marshall guitar amp!


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