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November started with a new IRIS release, which introduces the new IRIS Connector. Pandle, MyFirmsApp and First Corporate are some of the providers that have updated their software with multiple new features.

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Pandle introduces PayPal feeds

17 Nov – Pandle introduces PayPal feeds to its software.

The new PayPal feature aims to help businesses get paid on time. After the software connection to Stripe, which enables clients to take payments directly from their invoices, Pandle has included the same type of feature for PayPal.

With its latest feature, Pandle has also simplified the process of managing multiple currencies. Instead of asking users to set up a separate bank feed for each currency, with the new PayPal integration Pandle automatically creates a sub-account for each currency.

PayPal feeds

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ShopVOX wins $100,000 QuickBooks Apps Showdown

16 Nov - Print shop management app shopVOX, which brings together job costing/estimating, quotation, sales and production management functions, won the $100,000 app showdown at QuickBooks Connect in San Jose.

Designed to attract more apps to the QuickBooks ecosystem, the showdown culminated a 3min “Dragons Den” pitch to four high-powered judges at the QuickBooks event. There were also given a booth at the show to display their wares to the thousands of visitors.

ShopVox edged out nine other developers to the prize, including Ireland’s data capture specialist, AutoEntry.The others taking part were Recur360, Kindful, A2X, GoClio, Locate, DryRun, StatX and Veem.

ShopVOX CEO Rao Meka thanked his team for their efforts and all of ShopVOX’s early adopers, ”We broke things and stumbled, but you stuck with us and gave us a chance,” he said. For more detail, see

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MyFirmApps develops a new ‘Collect’ app platform

9 Nov - A new app platform provides customers and their clients with tools to collect all the necessary information for MTD using smartphones or tablets.

MyFirmsApp’s ‘Collect’ platform provides tools to keep track of receipts, income and mileage in one place.

Users are able to select clients for review, accessing to all their records and performing actions on their behalf.

Additionally, users always see an up-to-date copy of their clients’ records, reducing the time needed to exporting data, or entering records. An ‘Unsure’ category has also been added to the platform to compile expenses the customer is hasn’t been able to categorise.

* * *

New features added to FirstOrder secretarial

6 Nov - First Corporate will implement new features to FirstOrder Secretarial based on user feedback. A first implementation will ensure the software meets with the technical requirements of the PSC register and will improve the process of submitting multiple SH01.

Cloud-based secretarial software FirstOrder will introduce new features based on user feedback over the coming months. The first implementation will ensure the software meets the requirement to submit a ‘date entered in register’ entry on forms PSC01-07 of the PSC Register. The date of the allotment or transfer of shares will be the default option, but users will also be able to select a different date.

Additionally, the first update will fix an issue with multiple SH01 submissions, enabling users to submit a combined SH01 for multiple share allotments have been made on the same day in the same class and for the same price per share.

* * *

TaxCalc incorporates HMRC’s pre-population APIs

6 Nov - TaxCalc has introduced a new feature that enables users to receive data directly from HMRC using HMRC’s pre-population APIs.

TaxCalc’s new feature uses pre-population APIs to receive data from HMRC. Users will only need to check the data and click a button for confirmation. The data will then be fed into TaxCalc Tax Return Production to generate a tax return.

This information will be available for every taxpayer registered for self assessment. However, users are being prompted to compare the HMRC data with the original documentation to check that the information is correct before submitting it.

* * *

Expensify announces open reports update

1 Nov - A new update to cloud-based receipt and expense management software Expensify enables admins to edit expenses on open reports.

Expensify now enables admins to edit and attach receipts for expenses that are on employees’ open or unsubmitted reports. For instance, admins will be able to categorise, tag, or comment on the reports and they will also be able to complete expenses for those terminated employees that have left unsubmitted transactions in their account.

* * *

IRIS autumn release 2017

The IRIS Autumn Release 2017 v17.3 brings new functionality and introduces the new IRIS Connector that had previously been announced at IRIS World. 

IRIS has announced the release of the new IRIS Connector, which allows direct data imports from the cloud bookkeeping products KashFlow, Xero, FreeAgent and QuickBooks Online.

Other features of the v17.3 release include improvements in accounts productions and legislative updates, such as the latest rates and allowances for tax, the new tax allowance for property and trading income and a transition to a new HMRC gateway for electronic tax return submissions.

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