Contenders revealed for Software Satisfaction Awards 2008

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After sifting through more than 6,000 responses, the contenders for the Software Satisfaction Awards 2008 have been made public. John Stokdyk reviews the runners and riders in the accounting & finance categories.

As with the 2007 awards, the shortlists in the finance categories pit a group of plucky specialists against some of the biggest suppliers in the industry.

The biggest single category, small business accounts, attracted more than 1,800 respondents, who voted in sizeable battalions for the industry's giants, Sage, QuickBooks and MYOB. But also in the running for the small business category are e-conomic and KashFlow, the winner of last year's prize for web-hosted accounts systems...

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By derek44
27th Aug 2008 14:33

Remote Access
Your can consider using a Microsoft Terminal Services server for remote access (assuming you want a number of concurrent remote users). This will keep your maximum options open as to which software might be preferred because just 'on-line' will prove too restrictive I suspect.

Thanks (0)
22nd Aug 2008 20:51

Half a day's research should set you in the right direction
It sounds like the look and feel is as important to you as the functionality. There aren't that many online options which cover the scope you require, so you will only need to spend half an hour identifying the few that say they can cope with multi-currency and stock management. I recommend that you look into those that offer a free trial which you can access immediately - within a couple of hours you'll probably know which one to invest more time in exploring before committing your business.

Mark Davies

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22nd Aug 2008 11:14

We have been using Dimensions (has done for about 3 years). We find it very difficult to use, very modular and with very basic reporting abilities and spend all our time creating reports on Crystal, Excel and Access, rather than straight off the program e.g. if we want reports by area/postcode, etc..

We have sales of about £7m and three main operations:
1. Sales of new equipment.
2. Servicing of equipment (we use Service Manager software for this i.e. organise jobs, allocate parts, etc but don't find it particularly good/user friendly).
3. Refurbishment of equipment i.e. buying in equipment, refurbing and selling on.

We are interested in a simple system capable of coping with departments/divisions (only 2-3), some foreign purchases, continual stock records for new stockand major items of refurb stock (not down to every nut and bolt and hour of labour) and to control servicing. We want something easy to understand, simple to produce reports giving key indicators such as cash position/forecast and profitability. Also, easy for staff to use - with Dimensions they feel they are working for the program, not the other way around! The program should ideally be online or at the very least capable of remote access.

We have our own bespoke software which is based on Access, which we would like to use instead of Service Manager, so ideally the program should be capable of interfacing with Access, but this is not essential.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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