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John Stokdyk
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This autumn’s must-have accessory for the tech-savvy contractor must be an iPhone app, judging from the activities of those offering services to this sector.

First out of the traps was SJD Accountancy, which recently launched an iPhone app to help contractors decide whether to set up their own limited company or work through an umbrella company.

SJP, which provides services to more than 11,000 limited company contractors developed the questionnaire-based app as a simple business-development tool as a companion to its 2009 Contractor Tax Calculator. Once the umbrella company app has been downloaded, it asks the user 10 questions before giving some basic financial advice and suggests a free meeting to discuss their options in more detail with SJP.

Eclipse Computing Solutions, meanwhile, got in on the act with Contractor Expenses, a travel & expenses recording system tailored for IT contactors.

Contractor Expenses can capture photographic images of invoices and receipts and handle mileages, set expense limits and deal with repeatable expenses. VAT can be recorded along with reference codes and categories for the different expenditure types. As part of the package, news is also delivered from relevant contractor site feeds.

Eclipse director Steve Rennocks - himself an IT contractor - commented that the app was born out of frustration with the lack of suitable smartphone apps. “There’s just too much data entry required by most apps, and no focus on the specifics or working practices of any one industry,”  he explained.

Do you know of any other useful apps for contractors or roving accountants? Let us know by commenting below and we'll add them to our AccountingWEB Apps directory.

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By chas01
13th Oct 2011 12:37

APPS for roving accountants

ClearBooks the on-line accounting and payroll system is now available for smartphones. 

Clear Books MobileWeb app for touch enabled smartphones running a webkit based browser. 

Charles Stringer

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29th Oct 2011 17:33

Contractor Expenses Lite / FREE

There's now a free Lite version of Contractor Expenses available for those that want to try it risk free...

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