Dell and Asus join battle of the PC featherweights

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US PC manufacturer Dell has locked horns with Asus in the rapidly expanding market for smaller, designer computers. John Stokdyk reports on the latest clash of the PC featherweights.

As predicted, 2008 is turning out to be a watershed year for PC development, but the pace of change and innovation in this increasingly competitive market is threatening to

Last year's success of the Asus Eee laptop range and new, smaller microchip designs have stirred the hardware market into a design frenzy. Acer responded to the Eee earlier in the year with the stylish Aspire One model, while June saw rumours coming out of Dell HQ about the Dell E, a new 8.9-inch laptop clearly targeted at Eee buyers.

Dells 15-inch and 17-inch Studio notebook line, in...

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