Dell introduces 5in Streak tablet

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PC manufacturer Dell will this week hit back at iPad-mania with the introduction of its 5in Streak touch-screen tablet.

Available with O2 mobile contracts and through Carphone Warehouse from Friday (5 June), the Android-powered Streak is pitching for the gap between the 9in iPad and the 4.5in iPhone and promising to deliver the “benefits of a laptop in a pocket friendly size”. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth connectivity and has a removable battery, something that is not available on the iPhone. Unlike the iPad, the Streak includes a 5 megapixel camera.

For the technically minded, the new device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset combining communications features with a 1GHz processor. It has 2GB of internal memory and can be expanded using Micro SD cards of up to 32GB.

Carphone Warehouse said the unlocked device would cost £429, but would also be available on a £25 or £35 monthly tariff.

As an Android device, the Streak will have access to third party apps – but not as wide a selection as Apple can offer.  While very obviously a consumer product, Dell maintains that the 5in screen is large enough for mobile professionals to review web pages in their native format. Someone using it for turn-by-turn navigation would also be able to handle the device safely.

“The Dell Streak hits the sweet spot between traditional smartphones and larger-screen tablets. Its unique size provides people new ways to enjoy, connect, and navigate their lives,” said Ron Garriques, president, Dell Communication Solutions Group

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01st Jun 2010 21:12


Too big to put in your pocket...

Too small to really be comfy for consuming media...

But kudos to Dell for trying these things out, and the fact it uses Android strengthens the argument that a desktop operating system (like Windows) is just not right for portable devices.   Maybe Microsoft can develop their Mobile 7 thing for stuff like this.

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02nd Jun 2010 11:46

I'd be interested in having a go

Interesting comment, Charles. I've been testing a 7in JournE Touch from Toshiba (review will appear soon) and still have an open mind about Dell's approach.

While secretly jealous of all the cool folks with their iPads, I argued at the time that it was physically too big to cater for my needs and was hampered by a few technology compromises (multitasking, lack of Flash support, screen size/type). I had high hopes for the JournE Touch - very much a consumer item - but size remains a problem as any device I would want would have to fit in a jacket pocket. Toshiba has gone with Windows CE, which means that you don't get multitasking and it can't download and run apps such as Adobe Flash or Spotify.

Maybe you're right about trying to shoehorn a desktop operating system into a PDA, but like many others I'm curious to find out if Win 7 will find its way on to handheld devices. Since I'm still in the market for an information utility belt device, the Streak would probably pass my pocket test and I'd be interested to see how the Android operating system coped with my daily activities. I think it's time I gave Dell a call...

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02nd Jun 2010 12:14

how different is this from a nokia 800 or 900

seems to do about the same as a 900

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03rd Jun 2010 11:24

Windows on mobile devices

There's a report on Engadget...

...that says Microsoft have no intention of putting Windows Mobile 7 on bigger things like tablets.  Microsoft have, however, released Windows Embedded 7 (Microsoft product names remain as awkward as ever) - which may yet end up on various tablet-style things.

With more firms moving to electronic filing - there is a real future for a device good enough to let a mobile professional access their files and reference materials over a 3G connection back to the office.   Much better than lugging a laptop about if you don't actually need a 'proper' computer.    Once you can get a full working day out of these things (such as iPad's 10 hour battery life) and can dispense with the power lead and transformer 'brick' then you can stick it under your arm in a nice leather portfolio folder and off you go with all the resources of the firm at your fingertips (plus access to Lexis Nexis, CCH and the like over the web on the same device).


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03rd Jun 2010 11:36

Small Screens

I have, in extremis, used my iPhone to look reference data up on web-sites, or read documents that have been sent via email, but it's not a pleasant experience. and I'd always switch to my laptop if at all possible.   The trick is to find the 'sweet spot' of acceptable screen size v device size.


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03rd Jun 2010 11:40

iPad in your pocket...

Jon - If the iPad's size is a problem for putting in a pocket - I have a solution....

You DO have all your suits custom made in New York don't you?


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