Do software suppliers only have half a brain? By Simon Hurst

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Before I start I must stress that what follows are my initial impressions of what the range of Web 2.0 technologies is all about. This presents a couple of dangers. First, my initial enthusiasm may have led me to overestimate the potential and second, my revolutionary interpretation of whats going on may have been obvious to the rest of the world for months a bit like when you smugly announce a sudden insight into the plot of a TV detective program only for the rest of the family to look at you despairingly and mutter, Have you only just realised that?.

Im not going to attempt a detailed definition of Web 2.0, but in very general terms Web 2.0 describes a range of internet technologies that have recently come to the fore the most well known examples would probably be blogs and wikis [shar...

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27th Mar 2007 16:47

Come for some more creativity next Wednesday
Hi Simon,
I'm really glad you enjoyed the Wiki event. I think you've got it spot on that the risks are far outweighed by the rewards in "opening up" the organisation to community developed content on a Wiki or a blog. You've also hit upon one of my favourite topics - how creativity is stifled by the command and control approach of most organisations. The problem starts in our schools with the current education system focusing on achievement in particular subjects, at the expense of the creativity that we so desperately need to remain competitive in the current world. Children are born creative, and then we educate it out of them and teach them conformity and fear of failure. If all we can do is churn out well trained graduates in business and accounting related disciplines, there are plenty of countries who can do the same at much, much cheaper wages than the UK. We need more focus on creativity in education and in the workplace.

The next Wiki Wednesday is being sponsored by Microsoft next week on 4th April, and is taking place at their Soho office. Full details are on the wiki. Please book yourself on for an injection of some more ideas.
David Terrar
Business Two Zero

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29th Mar 2007 15:54

Sounds like Simon had an "ah-ha" moment. It's serendipitous to see the reference to gaping void.

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By shurst
29th Mar 2007 18:46

Speaking as a Led Zeppelin fan, that's probably better than an a-ha moment......

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