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Document managment

DocuWare update enables ‘maximum productivity’


Cloud solutions for document management and workflow automation provider DocuWare has launched Version 7.4, to push more cloud-based preconfigured solutions to improve collaboration, shareable workflows, faster document access and enhanced security.

26th May 2021
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Cloud solutions for document management and workflow automation provider DocuWare has launched version 7.4 of its flagship product.

According to DocuWare, it has spent the last year improving its digital infrastructure so that users can ‘reach maximum productivity’ and businesses can maintain business continuity. 

“The vast, new remote workforce has reshaped global businesses. Version 7.4 specifically addresses the productivity of distributed teams,” commented DocuWare Group Dr. president Michael Berger. “DocuWare version 7.4 provides the improved collaboration, faster document and data searches, shareable workflows and security that every worker needs. Improvements to the cloud-based preconfigured solutions enable an even faster ramp up for new customers and easy extensions for existing ones.

Collaboration: On Microsoft Office documents

A new addition that enables live collaboration on documents stored in DocuWare. Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) located in DocuWare Cloud can be edited natively in Microsoft Office for the web so co-workers can work on the same document at the same time.

Collaboration offers faster editing, as documents no longer need to be downloaded then uploaded after edits are complete. To access this function, a Microsoft 365 subscription which includes an Office Online Business license is needed.

Highlight Search: Faster search results

Highlight search is a new search functionality that allows users to highlight the text, press the hotkey, and the relevant documents in the DocuWare file cabinet will be displayed.

Once configured, this works from any application such as an ERP, CRM, accounting software, chat, or Word. This function is available with DocuWare Cloud and for customers with an on-premises system.

Workflows: Error-proof and shareable

Workflows can be copied from one cabinet to another, from one system to another, and entire systems can be cloned. For example, a workflow created for HR that is also suitable for marketing with small modifications can now be transferred from the HR file cabinet to the marketing one and adapted as needed, saving valuable man-hours on creating new workflows.

The automatic validation of dependencies in a workflow makes customising any copied workflows an error-proof task. When a workflow is opened, DocuWare version 7.4 validates resources and dependencies and reports any errors. Only when the error is fixed can the workflow be used.

Security: Improved user authentication

User authentication for an on-premises system, DocuWare Cloud or the mobile app is key. DocuWare version 7.4 includes a new identity service for on-premises, a new identity provider for DocuWare Cloud, the ability to enforce single sign-on for secure login, single sign-on for the mobile app and for URL integrations.

These security measures are compliant with security standards. According to DocuWare, they strengthen protection around archived documents and prevent unauthorised access.

Preconfigured Solutions

Version 7.4 also includes the combined usage of several pre-configured solutions. For example, Invoice Processing and Smart Document Control can be combined. The solutions can be imported into existing cloud systems and will work with existing configurations of the same version.

Customers must contact their authorised DocuWare partner to update to version 7.4.

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