E-government: 'Could do better,' say MPs

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The government, which spends an estimated 208m a year delivering services and information online, is unable to account for how well the sites are performing, according to the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee. John Stokdyk examines its latest report.

The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has had its eye on Tony Blair's e-government explosion for some time now. Its 16th report of the 2007-08 parliamentary session, 'Government on the Internet: Progress in delivering information and services online', follows up a similar study carried out in 2002.

PAC report: key findings

1. The government does not know e...

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07th May 2008 19:06

PAC Committee should try 'online' itself
Why doesn''t Edward Leigh, chairman of the PAC Committee get
off his butt[***], and recommend some positive things for the public to get
more out of www.direct.gov?

Any second grade 5th former can tell the PAC Committtee that
motivation is all about providing positive guidance, not continually

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