Gadget countdown: 12 days of tech begin

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Are you lusting after the latest gaming console? Or hoping Santa will leave an iPhone 5S in your stocking? Then keep an eye on our 2013 Christmas gadget countdown.

Every year on AccountingWEB, we feed our gadget fans’ hunger for the latest consumer technologies with 12 days of Christmas gadgets, leading to a community vote on which deserves to be the 

Once again executive peripherals editor and Burton Sweet partner Nigel Harris will curate the series with 12 Gadget Zone blog posts covering different categories ranging from the weird and wacky to the simple and practical. Other tech-orientated AccountingWEB contributors, including editor John Stokdyk, deputy editor Robert Lovell, contributor Gail Purvis, community correspondent Rachael Power and regular columnist Philip Fisher will join in the fun with their own views on the tech of the year. Fisher has already put forward a few ideas for your consideration in his gadgets to die for post last week. 

Kicking off on today, the individual countdown blogs cover:

Other reads include: 

To add some pizazz to the countdown, we'll be producing short videos of the gear in some of our gadget countdown articles and blogs - so you can see what these babies can do.

The countdown will end with the announcement of AccountingWEB's gadget of the year in a live video hangout on 20 of December. Last years' winner was the iPhone 4S - so it'll be interesting to see whether Apple can scoop the top prize two years in a row. 

While we’ve got our own ideas, we’re also really interested in hearing what you think. What’s been your gadget of 2013, and why? The ultimate winner will be based on community acclaim and, if necessary, an online vote.

Feel free to comment below or leave your views under each of our different articles on the above categories.

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05th Dec 2013 12:42

letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I don't have a smart phone. Please don't send me one.

Thank you.

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