Gadget Countdown 2012: And the winner is...

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Rachael Power
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It's been a close call, excuse the pun, but there can only be one winner of AccountingWEB's Gadget Countdown 2012. 

Run every year, resident tech-head and peripheral expert Nigel Harris has been busy bringing you 12 days of Christmas gadget goodies. 

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Apple still lords it over the market, with the iPhone 4s coming up trumps as winner of this year's countdown.

While the iPhone 5 may be the latest smartphone issuing from the technology giant, the 4s with iOS6 seemed to strike a chord with AccountingWEB members and editors alike. 

There's no doubt that there are many close contenders, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, the iPhone 4s was lauded by Harris as the "ultimate Swiss army knife of gadgets". 

"My iPhone even doubles as a spirit level and tape measure when doing DIY," he quipped, but added that many found it was in great need of a longer battery life.

Included in this article are some other notable gadget categories and products that are worth a look for other tech-heads:  

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By chatman
21st Dec 2012 15:38

How are the gadgets assessed?

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22nd Dec 2012 12:45



Everyone has no own fav Phone or gadgets.  I do like my Iphone4S.    I know Apple get a hard time but I like their customer service.  I had my phone 2 month on a contract and my dropped it out of the case at George Square it was smashed and a right off.  

A girl in a pub while I was having a pint to de stress told me to go to an apple store as  I stupidly did not have it insured.  I had brought a case in the store for the phone and they agree immediately the case was partially at fault but so was I  .   One of the guys kept my son  occupied as he could see I was stressed. 

I did not buy the phone from them as I purchased it through O2 .  The apple store gave me a brand new phone no charge.   They really looked after me and went and gave me a new case as well but different style and made sure my backup was all sorted on my new phone.

I am not saying it is the best phone but on this case Apple  get 1 million %  for customer service.  Yes I will probably go back to them again for this reason.  




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22nd Dec 2012 14:13


if anything this survey shows how conservative accountants are even when it comes to gadgets, how boring that members and worse the AW tech team are , there are loads of better / more exciting gadgets on the market .


perhaps you can differentiate in future between popular and great gadgets they are not necessarily the same

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to ireallyshouldknowthisbut
22nd Dec 2012 14:33

Great Gadgets


No phone would have survived the fall as I dropped the phone from a statue.  

Anyway did you ever consider that a phone is popular because people like it and find it good.  Yes there are other goods phones and I have tried a few and I don,t like them for me and my use, but each to their own.  

I find it quite insulting that you refer to members as boring  or maybe lacking in intelligence to decide for themselves .  Everyone has the intelligence to make up their own mind.  Nobody is forcing any one to buy an Iphone 

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22nd Dec 2012 18:05

OK i might have been a bit harsh but

the Aweb review of tablets was truly dismal

the biggest problem with i phones is the fragility of the screens

the iphone was released in 2010 so i will grant you that it has resonance in 2011 but with technology moving so fast should it still be gadget of 2012

its like saying a Beatles record from'63 is record of the year in 2012

accountants are not as a whole keen to have the latest gadget pace i5 so i repeat there is a difference between popularity and other criteria

havent you heard of peer pressure and i freely admit there are some wonderfully humourus members on here as well as many that are not ;-)

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By nigel
24th Dec 2012 09:13


While we do our best to encourage readers to make their own suggestions for their favourite gadgets, experience shows that we have to rely on a few faithfuls and the editorial team to make up the numbers. I'll freely admit at 56 I'm probably not on the cutting edge!

So OK Carnmores, winge duly noted - now let us have your suggestions. You clearly have some strong opinions on tablets and iPhones, we'd like to hear them. That goes for all our readers too.


In the meantime, a Happy Christmas to one and all. I hope Santa brings you the gadget of your dreams!

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27th Dec 2012 13:04

OK i will get to it tomorow

im over christmassed today


PS age in no excuse youre younger and wiser than me!

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