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Gadget Countdown 8: Gadgets for fun

15th Dec 2013
Partner Burton Sweet
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Gadgets. They cover the whole range, from boring but essential to totally frivolous. Some of course can be both. Here’s our selection.

Is it time for a smart bed? Beddit automatically tracks your sleeping patterns, heart rate, breathing, snoring, movements and environment. In the morning, Beddit tells you how you slept and how to do it better. It works from an ultra thin film sensor in your bed, under the sheet. Beddit is available in the US and is taking pre-orders in Europe for 149 Euros.

Smartphones are so 2012 – what you need this year is a smart watch, like the Samsung Galaxy Gear (pictured above, right), a “stylish wearable device connects seamlessly with your Samsung smartphone to make life easier on the go. With the Galaxy Gear on your wrist, you can control your phone, make calls and answer them, see new messages and more”.

While  iPhone users await an Apple smartwatch, you could do worse than the stunning Pebble, widely voted smart watch of the year, and a snip at $150 (although it looks like you might need to pay £250 or more over here)

Google Glass is going to be THE must have, when it’s available.  It uses military-style heads up display projected onto trendy-looking glasses to enable the user to control and use smartphone apps. It’s still in the development phase, and sadly trials are only open to US residents at the moment, but this is going to be big in the very near future. Google is promising Glass applications such as the popular sports app Strava, All the cooks visual recipe book,  instant language translator Word Lens for Glass and GolfSight, a golf GPS rangefinder (that’s unlikely to be allowed in competition, but great for recreational use!).

But before we get carried away with too much serious stuff, here are a few stocking fillers from the gadget webstores:

  • Need a new mug for the office? Holy coffee break, it's the Bat mug!
  • If you cycle to work, here’s a neat way to make that journey count – the pedal juice bike phone charger, a bike-powered generator that will charge phones and anything with a USB charging connector.
  • Want the coolest bin in the street after Christmas? Then you’ll need these Christmas pudding bin bags, which when filled will make your refuse look like a collection of colorful puddings, complete with green holly-like ties on top.
  • And finally, for the sci-fi TV fanatic, the ultimate remote control – in the form of Dr Who’s sonic screwdriver (the Mark VII version apparently).

As aways, feel free to give us your tips for daft gadget of the year in the Comment box below.


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