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Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless headphones

GadgetZone: Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless headphones


Logitech promises business-grade features with its new over-the-ear headset, but can the electronics firm deliver for accountancy’s brave new era of hybrid working?

4th Oct 2023
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We’re two years and counting after the last lockdown restrictions were lifted and despite efforts from various captains of industry to tempt, cajole or force people back to the office, according to a recent government report just 32% of staff travel into work five days a week – the same percentage as a year earlier.

So with virtual or hybrid working now a permanent fixture in the majority of working lives, it’s perhaps understandable that thoughts turn to how to get the best out of the new arrangement for employers and employees – bringing hardware such as the Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless to the fore. 

The Swiss peripherals peddler promises productivity-boosting business-grade features with its new over-the-ear headset, but can the electronics firm deliver for accountancy’s brave new era of hybrid working?

As with any piece of hardware above a certain price bracket, it’s generally important for the budget holder to ask ‘what are you trying to achieve with this purchase?’ The Logitech headphones come with the strapline “specifically designed with conferencing in mind”, so I’ve tried to bear this in mind when reviewing them.

Set-up, feel and controls

First things first, it may be a small thing but Logitech always delivers on the packaging front. Being a chap of a certain age, I’m not into the ‘unboxing’ video phenomenon sweeping the tech review world, but you’d have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by the quality of the box and how the headphones and various other accoutrement fit neatly into their assigned places.

The set-up was straightforward, with the connection made with a USB-C dongle (provided) or via Bluetooth. The dongle worked immediately, while the Bluetooth connection was standard and straightforward.

In terms of the set itself, at 185g it is light, particularly when compared with its bulky plastic noise-cancelling equivalents. The headpads are made from knitted fabric over memory foam, which makes for a comfortable wear throughout the day.

The multimedia controls are actual buttons rather than counterintuitive toggles or wheels. On the left side of the set, you can control volume, accept calls and switch Bluetooth on or off, and find a USB-C port for charging. On the right-hand side is a play and pause button.


Overall performance

Moving on to performance, when it comes to sound quality (and champions of the underrated ‘drown out obnoxious train commuters’ category) the Sony 1000XM4 over-ear, noise-cancelling headphones are my undoubted king of the hill. In comparison, the Logitech set provides decent audio for listening to music at home or in a relatively relaxed office environment, but I’m afraid on a recent ride to London I could still hear about young Jasper’s work placement at a robotics company from his proud mother in the next bank of seats.

But let’s return to the ‘budget holder question’ I asked at the start of this review. Are you purely buying noise-cancelling headphones, or will you be using them for calls as well? Brought into the virtual meeting arena, the drawbacks of the Sony headphones become evident. In our AccountingWEB daily news calls, while the sound is crystal clear, colleagues reported a delay on my audio and a bit of buzz. 

The Logitech set has no such issues, with no delay and clear mic quality. The ability to connect to multiple devices, for example your laptop and your phone, allows you to switch neatly between them and do things like field a quick call during a longer meeting. 

Another handy feature is that you can instantly mute your microphone by flipping up the mic arm, rather than scrambling for the mute button when the kids come crashing in after school.

Other reviews of this set mention that the headphones’ clamping action isn’t the tightest. I didn’t find this, but I do have a rather large head…

Battery life, a particular bugbear of mine, was also a pleasant surprise. Logitech advertises the set at 20 hours of listening time or 18 hours of talk time, and I found I could string them out to at least a day and a half of solid use before needing a top-up. I was particularly impressed with the fact that a five-minute charge could provide around an hour’s listening time - useful for those who perhaps aren’t as disciplined as they should be about regularly charging their equipment.

Overall, the Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless is a decent all-round set of headphones that comes into its own in the world of video conferencing and meetings. They’re available on the Logitech site for £129.

While this is an independent review and not a paid-for advert, a sample of the product was sent to AccountingWEB towers for testing as part of the article.

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