Google Apps scraps free business use

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Rachael Power
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Google has started charging small businesses for its cloud-based software Google Apps, including Gmail and Google Docs. 

New business customers with 10 or fewer members will now have to pay £33 a month to use the service, the company recently announced. 

The Microsoft Office rivals used to only charge businesses with more than 10 employees for a premium version of their software, which they have now extended to all businesses. 

The change does not affect current business users, including those using the free version or individual users either new or existing. 

Our sister website Business Zone reported that Clay Bavor, director of product management at Google Apps said their free version "isn't quite right" an experience for business.

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13th Dec 2012 16:40

Presumably Google will now stop scanning gmail ....

Of course this raises the whole issue of 'nowt for owt', which Google has always assumed as meaning that the 'quid pro quo' for free gmail is they are allowed to scan all your mail for adertising opportunities

Questionnable practice, but maybe acceptable since you are getting something free. However, the game changes when Google start charging; at which point they should cease scanning emails for ad opportunities

Google probably won't see it this way - naturally they will want to 'eat their cake and have it' (oldie but still relevant)


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17th Dec 2012 13:26

Correct me if I am wrong, but would using g-mail for accounting purposes actually breach client confidentiality rules if you knew it was being scanned?

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