Government bats back tax credits barrage

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As Parliament broke for its two-month summer holiday last week, opposition politicians kept up the pressure on the Treasury with a string of written questions on the tax credits system.

Answering Conservative MP Philip Dunne, Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo admitted in a written answer that the estimated administrative costs of dealing with tax credits complaints and appeals were around 15m in 2004/05.

The 15m figure was one of the few solid facts to emerge from the Paymaster General's end-of-session answers, which tended to bat the questioners back to previous answers and departmental documentation to indicate the level of errors and staff commitment to the project. Reference to an earlier statement indicated that up to 31 May 2005, the Tax Credit Office dealt with around 151,000 disputed...

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29th Jul 2005 15:59

Disappointed ...
A great headline I though. I didn't know the Government had its own bats. Why does it employ flying mammals? Are these fruit bats, vampire bats (or dingbats, maybe!)? And why are these endangered creatures suddenly coing out in support of tax credits?

Sadly, the actual article was something of a disappointment after the tabloid headline!

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