Hardware news: Dell launches new slimline Insiron Z laptops

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Dell launches new slimline Insiron Z laptops

26 Oct - The arrival of Windows 7 has stimulated a burst of activity from PC manufacturers, including Acer and Toshiba (see below) and now Dell.

To celebrate the arrival of Microsoft’s new operating system, Dell has built two Inspiron Z laptops. Following on from its recent Inspiron 11z, the "Z" denotes a new thinline approach to design and low-power Intel CULV processors for extra battery life. The Inspiron 14z and 15z are thinned down versions of Dell’s popular Inspiron 14 and Inspiron 15 models, but with few compromises from the full size models. Each includes 2GB of RAM as standard (upgradable to 8GB), 250-320GB hard disk, read/write DVD drive, webcam and wireless networking. Depending on...

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20th Oct 2009 13:37

Kicking up a storm(2)

I only hope that the referred to Storm2 is leaps and bounds better than the original storm. I had one around 8 months ago but despite persevering with it for a month, I came close to throwing it out of the window. I reverted back to my tried n trusted Pearl.

Recently when the rollerball started playing up on the pearl, I decided to dust off the Storm and give it another go. Alas, it was even more frustrating than before, so I've again retired it back into its box and got another Pearl.

The suretype is so frustrating and really restricts the speed at which you can type and switch from function to function. The horizontal/vertical self-correcting display is very unpredictable and often wont correct itself.  the battery life is horrendous. If I left in the morning with the battery fully charged then I could be sure that by the time I got home in the evening and after only making a modest number of calls and a short game or wordmole on the train, the battery would be dead.

Looking forward to hearing whether these any many other frustrations have been fixed in the next version.




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23rd Oct 2009 15:29

A Storm(2)'s a-brewing

Hi Chris,

Hopefully the new Storm will iron out some of the problems of its predecessor - in the meantime, I'm liking the way HTC are progressing with their Android-powered Hero and the upcoming Leo.

Jon Wilcox
Technology Corresopndent
Sift Media

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29th Oct 2009 11:42


Whilst I love the Mac, I find it a lot quicker working on a dell. Not necessarily the processing speed, but the shortcuts I think are a lot better.

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