How to buy ERP software - Step 4: Business processes

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Is the current way you do things the best way, asks David Carter in the latest instalment of his guide to buying and implementing ERP and accounts software.

One of my main themes is that you must get your admin staff to test how well any package handles some of your company's own orders and invoices.

To your admin staff, handling the order well will usually mean handling it in the same way they handle it now. They want the minimum disruption to their work, which means making as few changes as possible. So they will tend to prefer a system that replicates what they do now. But maybe change is necessary? Just because you have always done something in a certain way, that doesn't necessarily mean that is the best way.

When companies like Easyjet and Ryanair entered the low-cost airline mar...

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02nd Aug 2004 21:20

No, it's not just you, Paul
I also thought the article looked interesting, but nowhere was ERP explained - it doesn't take a lot of time to expand a TLA (three letter acronym) the first time they are used, and then readers can concentrate on the meaning of what they are reading.

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04th Aug 2004 12:25

In David's defence
Gentlemen, we take your points to heart.

In this instance, however, I should admit that in editing the article for the site, I neglected to include the full description of ERP the first time around.

I also forgot to include the contents box identifying David's article as one of a series on accounting & ERP software. There is a more extensive discussion of the elements of enterprise resource planning software in Step 2: The Test Pack.

The next instalment in the series will get down to the nitty gritty of software selection and implementation. Before he did that, David wanted to encourage people to consider their new software from a wider perspective than just upgrading what they do now.

We hope you stay tuned for the next episode and that as a whole David's ERP series will provide practical help to members.

John Stokdyk

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30th Jul 2004 13:13

Maybe it's just me?
After a certain age you don’t mind looking stupid.

I’ve also been helping clients with accounting & other systems for years but the only time I can remember discussing ERP was when I went off on one about Kurt Russsell’s brilliant performance in Tombstone (1993).

It’s taken me 10 minutes to track down the meaning, a nice supplier (or is that now solution provider?) had this paragraph on their home page:

We won't blind you with buzzwords and jargon (though if you really want to know what Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is, we can tell you). We will take the time to understand your business and the issues you face and work with you to implement the right solution.

Shame really because the article looked interesting but now I’ve got NBT left to read it.

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