Industry moves as one to patch massive Internet security hole

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Sat at your desk you log onto your banks web site to check you accounts. Everything looks normal - but after three failed attempts to log in you are told that you must contact your bank. Just minutes later your bank accounts have been emptied. This might have been the work of science fiction until this weeks announcement of a major design flaw in the Domain Name System (DNS) that runs the internet, writes Stewart Twynhamt.

The online heist really could have come from the script of a disaster movie. Over six months ago a researcher stumbled almost by chance across a serious flaw in the way the Internet works. The problem was not a software flaw - which might affect a particular manufacturer or technology - but a fundamental design flaw which affects just about every piece of software ev...

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By Anonymous
18th Jul 2008 09:30

DNS test .... - and press 'TEST NOW'

DNSstuff has released a new tool to help organizations detect if their DNS servers are vulnerable to the DNS protocol flaw revealed last week. is offering a free tool for organizations looking to test the susceptibility of their domain name servers to a fundamental flaw in the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol revealed publicly last week

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