Information Commissioner prosecutes North London accountant

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North London-based accountant David Darko, of Darko Consulting, was fined 300 and ordered to pay costs of 539.20, plus a victims' surcharge of 15 by magistrates for breaking the terms of the Data Protection Act 2002.

The accountant's crime was failing to register with the Information Commissioner's Office as a "data controller". The DPA stipulates that company that controls personal information about individuals must register with the ICO, for a basic charge of 35. In Darko's case, he failed to do so in spite of repeated reminders, the ICO said.

According to ICO chief operating officer Simon Entwisle, Darko's case was part of an ongoing campaign to ensure all accountants that process personal information notify with the commissioner.

"Mr Darko was fined more than eight times the usual cost of...

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29th Apr 2008 12:14

Of course
Quite right and proper of course. It's obviously necessary that the most stringent controls should be maintained over personal data.

On a completely separate and entirely unrelated matter, does anyone happen to know if HMRC have found their disks yet? And what fine was imposed on HMRC for their cavalier approach to the security of personal data?

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