Internet could reach its outer limits in 2007

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The internet is being stretched to its limits and may approach its total capacity, Deloittte warned in its annual predictions for the telecommunications industry, reports John Stokdyk.

"The internet is often regarded as an infinite resource. Unfortunately, this is not the case," warned the firm's Telecommunications Predictions report for 2007.

The main forces driving capacity to its limit are the growth in video traffic and a lack of investment in new capacity, the firm warned. During 2006, it noted that the volume of traffic flowing through the Amsterdam Internet Exchange exceeded one pedabyte per day (that's roughly one billion megabytes) and grew at a monthly average of 7.4%. The annual volume of the hub, which handles around 20% of all Europe's internet traffic, i...

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By Anonymous
25th Jan 2007 16:13

We're all doomed... again
This won't be the first time that the internet should have ground to a halt, I've seen frequent warnings like these since 96 when too many people on dialups would bring the internet to its knees.

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