Internet Monitor: BT falls short with IT fitness check

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Telecoms giant BT seemed to have come up with a brilliant idea with an online IT calculator to help business assess whether they are getting a good return on their technology and communications spending.

But the IT Healthcheck fails to live up to its promise. Set up as a result of a study which found that the average small/medium sized business can spend 17,000 a year on IT and communications, BT built an online survey around the metaphor of a gym work out.

The user is presented with a fitness machine panel that asks a series of questions to establish the size and type of your business and its annual IT spend.

That's pretty much it - except that anyone working with technology, such as a new media organisation - will find that they are not catered for by the survey.

Disappointingly, there appea...

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08th Nov 2006 23:28

Another result...
Actually, I ran through the test using three of my clients as examples, and each one came up with the words "HEALTHY"... so I must be doing something right!!

I suppose my concern here is the suggestion that a £37 per month support service is going to deliver some amazing strategic IT advice right into the heart of a small business, whatever the size or complexity.

I agree that a more detailed set of questions and a better breakdown of the results more relevant to the size and scale of business would make far more sense... I just happen to feel that there is more to IT than support!


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