Invu confirms two-track product roadmap

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Document management software developer Invu has reassured customers they will not be forced to upgrade to its new .NET application, Series 6.

In a statement responding to “industry whispers” about its product development plans following the launch of Series 6, Invu commented that “Version 5 continues to be well used and embedded in the accountancy community” and that it would issue an upgrade for those customers who wanted to stick with their existing version. Further improvements to the paperless office system are planned based on customer input, the company added.

“Both generations of product have large numbers of users and we’re committed to them. We’ve spent over a year developing this upgrade. This investment is a sign of our commitment to customers and we aim to continue with improvements based on what they tell us they want,”  said Invu CEO Colin Gallick.

The most recent product upgrades ensured Invu’s compatibility with the latest Microsoft Windows and Office editions, but Invu noted, “We find that version 5 is a real ‘old faithful’ which performs well and, by and large, needs no major maintenance; our customers tell us that it’s a product which they can rely on, so why change?”
In a statement published on AccountingWEB back in January, Invu acknowledged, “With any migration there are not just costs of software – there is familiarisation with a new piece of software, training time/ costs and loss of continuity… We maintain our commitment with working with our customers and partners to ensure that any transition is as painless and low cost as possible.”

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23rd Sep 2010 12:24

hmm lets see shall we?

yep this is probably because the migration between the apps is not as fluid as it should be?

Anyone looking at Invu or EDM in general should be talking to Lindenhouse as we are the experts in the Accountancy market - with hundreds of practices using our integrated solutions -


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By Sykco
24th Sep 2010 12:45

So what of Virtual Cabinet?

So are you saying that my recent investment in Virtual Cabinet from Lindenhouse is a masterstroke?

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By derek44
27th Sep 2010 11:10


There are alternatives for INVU 5 users who want  to electronically update to another system.

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