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IP spends £11,000 on Olympic tickets

1st Jun 2011
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Insolvency practitioner Stephen Hunt has purchased £11,000 worth of tickets for the London 2012 Olympic Games after initially busting his credit card limit.

Hunt had applied for tickets worth £36,000 and was then contacted by the ticketing agency after his £11,000 allocation was denied by his credit card provider.

He told the BBC’s Today programme that his first payment was rejected but was given a second chance just a few days later after receiving a “helpful” email.

Facing an £11,000 bill or receiving no tickets at all, Hunt managed to persuade his bank - and his wife - to extend his credit card limit.

He will not be able to re-sell the tickets on the open market, but instead intends to give them away as Christmas presents to friends and family. He told John Humphrys: “It’s unusual for an insolvency practitioner to be this popular…maybe I’ll get a friend at last.”

The Olympic ticketing rules state that ticketholders can sell tickets to family and friends but they have to be present as the lead booker.

All successful bidders are in the dark about which tickets they have bought and will find out their allocation by 24 June.

The 250,000 unsuccessful bidders will have the chance to scramble on a first-come, first-served basis for seats at less popular events in a second chance sale. They will be contacted by email and offered an "exclusive window" later this month.

More than 100 applicants also had their purchases declined after a mistake by Barclaycard where the transactions were flagged up as suspicious.


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By Avant-Garde54
03rd Jun 2011 10:53

How unfair

I would suggest this only highlights how unfair the olympic ticketing process was when you have a person applying for £36,000 worth of tickets when he clearly would not be able to attend all of the events himself and most likely not able to afford them going by the fact he had to get a bank loan for the £11,000 actually and will be giving them away to people who dont necessary want them while there are people who took the time and effort to apply for tickets and have been unsuccessful.

Not really in the spirit of the olympic games if you ask me!!!

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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
04th Jun 2011 21:29

Being prudent, I applied for "only" £500 worth of tickets

 .... and since no money has been taken from my account I have to conclude I got allocated absolutely nothing.  The tickets I applied for weren't even all tickets for the finals!

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