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Early last week, Apple's Cupertino HQ released a tantalising glimpse of what we can expect from their announcement event, starting at 6pm GMT today. Promising something new to see "...and touch", it could only mean one thing: a new iPad is ready to meet the world.

Apple's production cycle has reached a fascinating balance of total predictability whilst still maintaining an air of mystery and suspense that drives tech enthusiasts wild. We all know that the third iPad is coming. We all know that it will be faster, more powerful and generally better. What's infuriating and exciting is we don't know exactly what the mothership is about to unleash. Thanks to a healthy rumour-mill and several prominent leaks, however, we at least have an idea of what general specs to expect:


  • The iPad 3 will likely have a higher resolution screen - close to if not matching their super-sharp Retina Display, capable of displaying images and video at over the standard 1080p HD resolution.
  • The iPad 3 will likely run on Apple's latest generation processor - if it exists, the A6 may be quad-core and leave even the latest 4S handset behind in the dust.
  • The iPad 3 will likely have better cameras - but let's be honest, this isn't a major point in a world where every cell-phone now sports a 5MP+ sensor.
  • We can expect to be able to buy the iPad 3 in a matter of weeks - Apple aren't the kind to announce a product and then keep it off the shelves for long. Some hopefuls even predict it will be available tomorrow morning.
  • iPad 2 prices can be expected to be slashed dramatically - as the iPad 1 price drops showed, that old stock has to go somewhere. Now might be the chance to pick up a bargain.


The Gadget Blog team are, understandably, excited. iPads have become an invaluable tool in the office and many staff members have their own for personal use as well. Our own Henry Osadzinski still clings to his first generation model in favour of lugging a laptop around. 

Let us know what you hope Apple's first big announcement will reveal. What will it take for you to be tempted by an iPad 3? Do you think it will be worth the upgrade or will you be taking advantage of any older-model discounts?


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07th Mar 2012 10:39

Dumb TV / Smart TV + iPad HD

My bet (which I blogged about last month) is a TV app for the iPad, a new Apple TV model with a Digital TV tuner and as a long shot, a big screen display with Apple TV innards that's controlled by the iPad TV app as a big smart remote control.

Gary Turner
Managing Director, Xero

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