IT Casebook – Consider your Outlook on email. By Simon Hurst

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Drawing on some hair-raising examples, Simon Hurst discusses the side effects of email's growing role in accountant's lives.

Wheel mail again

I wouldn't be surprised if, just after we invented the wheel, it caused a few problems. People not being sure how to use it, which way up it should go, how quickly it would go from the top to the bottom of a hill if you did get it the right way up and, of course, what colour it should be. Email is the same. Most of us have been writing letters for years and pretty much know what the issues are. And, mail shots excepted, it's probably quite difficult to upset more than a couple of people at a time with a letter.

However with email we've suddenly got a new tool that not all of us are quite sure how to use and which is frighteningly...

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