LinkedIn for start-ups: Part 5 - Groups

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Mark Lee
Mentor and Speaker for accountants
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In this fifth part of his Linkedin series for start-ups Mark Lee explains how you can use the groups facility for lead generation.

There are thousands of groups on LinkedIn, so choosing the ones that are really worth joining is not easy unless you have a plan.

If you scroll down someone’s profile on LinkedIn you can see the groups they belong to.

Note that ‘belonging’ to a group does not reveal whether the person is active in those groups, or...

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By Arm266
07th Jun 2013 12:40

Linkedin for Startups -printout

I have found your articles very interesting but would wish to print them out.  However, when I try to print them out to follow through on them, they come out so small that I would need a magnifying glass to read them.

Is it possible to download a pdf of them?

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By Yoyo29
14th Jun 2013 07:02

@anthonymaddison15 - use Aweb's print button

You've probably haven't noticed that there is a print link on Aweb articles and questions which can be used. It is located next to the comments count at the top of the page. Using the print button displays the article in printer friendly format, which can then printed to direct PDF on the Google Chrome browser or by using a print to PDF printer. You can search online for many print to PDF freeware (CutePDF, PrimoPDF are two examples).

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