Microsoft Dynamics turns its sights on smaller businesses

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Buried beneath a steady flow of announcements surrounding its business intelligence (BI), "software plus services" and customer relationship management (CRM) products at the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence conference in Copenhagen this week, the company gave notice that it is about to target the small business accounting market dominated by the Sage and Intuit. John Stokdyk reports.

It will be a two prong attack, starting with the release later this year of Microsoft Office Accounting Professional, an international roll-out of the US product previously known as Small Business Accounting. This will be unveiled in the UK on 15 November.

The second front is shrouded in more mystery and came to light during the keynote speech of Microsoft Business Division president Jeff Raikes. Called D...

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By rpricea
03rd Nov 2007 17:48

I work for a company with a 20 user NAV Licence. When Convergence was first mentioned I hoped that Microsoft would be taking the best of Great Plains and Navison into one mid range product.. NAV has some good features if you have the time to set up but It does seem a strange strategy to offer a cutdown version that in my view would struggle to make inroads into Sage's UK market share.

Sage has it weaknessses, but I suspect, for example, a smaller business requiring (say) SL, PL, and Nominal plus Job Costing would .find the concept of the NAV Resources Ledger (i.e. Labour & Machines) unusual. It can be overcome by the Excel integration - but again requires time to set up.

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