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"Must have" Gadgets - The iPhone

18th Sep 2009
Partner Glover Stanbury - Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers
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The iPhone 3GS – is this the new “must have” tool?

The iPhone has been around for a while and the latest release the 3GS takes it to a new level – with many of the reported shortcomings in prior versions addressed e.g. speed, video recording and copy and paste to name but three.

So what makes it so useful for businesses – apart from the basics of a telephone!

There is no keyboard in the traditional sense – but when input is required a keyboard is displayed on screen and you touch the letters etc required. Too small for you? Many applications allow you to rotate the iPhone and hold it horizontally and the display rotates too – making the keyboard display larger (see above, right). So sending text messages suddenly becomes so much quicker and easier.

Google Maps is a standard application and this allows you to determine your current position either on a map or satellite image and the new compass feature shows the direction of movement. Enter directions from say the current location (determined by GPS) to a destination and the route is shown – ideal for locating your meeting venue.

Voice memos are easy to use for short recordings on the move and the calendar can be set up to sync with other calendars used in the office e.g. google calendar.

Internet access via a Safari web browser is possible – best within range of a wireless network but can use 3G too.

That’s a few for starters. There are literally thousands of other applications (not all business related) and I will list a few of these that I use regularly very shortly. If anyone has come across any applications they consider essential we would be delighted to hear of them.


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By Richard Messik
18th Sep 2009 16:47

Iphone 3gs
I have just upgraded to the Iphone 3gs and it is, in my opinion, the best phone yet. The available applications are terrific and it is much more than a phone. Highly recommended!

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By alexesmith
24th Sep 2009 12:19

3 favourite apps

I've had a 3gs for a few months and it is v good. Top apps:

For business: Logmein - gives access to the work desktop

Personal - Sonos - music controller for the home sound system & pUniverse - amazing app for any budding stargazers!

Email is seamless as expected (I use multiple accounts for personal and business, and all are managed fine).

Gripes? Battery life is pretty weak - I get 1.5 days out of it

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By chatman
24th Sep 2009 12:48

Has the iPhone now caught up with modern smart phone technology?

Does the latest version do things that standard smart phones, such as the Nokia N95, have done for years (apart from useless games and tricks)?  I know previous versions didn't, so I am still suspicious when people say it is a good piece of kit.

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By JJFlemming
20th Nov 2009 11:40

Keyboard App..
I have never heard of any apps that allowed the keyboard to be displayed horizontally, this is fantastic! I have always moaned about the keyboard being too small and my stubby fingers never being able to type correctly and I find this out today, after having the iPhone since it's release, thanks for this guys, do use have any recommendations of any free iphone apps that have this keyboard functionality?

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