My Favourite Gadget: Digita conference delegates

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In an on-going quest to discover the devices and equipment that make the most difference to the accounting profession, technology editor John Stokdyk asked delegates at the recent Digita user conference to nominate their favourite gadgets.

Jerry Rhill, Digita

Guitar Hero on the Nintendo Wii [pictured above - a somewhat rebellious choice of platform, considering his company's close relationship with Microsoft].

Shaun Crozier, ieTaxguard

My BlackBerry 8800. I like the convenience of always being available - 98% of my contact is by phone or email. I have to confess that it is an addictive "c...

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19th Mar 2008 15:44

The tables turned...
During the research for this article, Mike Hawthorne asked me what my favourite gadget was. Inspired by Julie's answer, I had to nominate my Takamine F-360 steel string acoustic guitar. I got it when I was at college in California in 1980. It's a Japanese copy of a Martin D-28; it may not sound like one, but it's probably easier to play and has developed a really nice sound of its own. If I've got nothing else to do it can keep me entertained for hours - even if it's torture for those around me.

John Stokdyk
Technology editor

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