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The virus that attacked my computer recently revealed just how dependent I am on it. It also made me realise just how much software I run. The idea of reloading it all was quite daunting. And being male, my mind inevitably began to sort that software into lists. There were the essential items, the amazingly useful non essential items and those I'm not sure I'd bother with again (which I'll ignore as a result).

What's essential? These are:

1.Office Professional. Enough said, I guess. I know there are alternatives, and for a home PC I'm really not sure I'd bother about Office now. It's obvious that things like Open Office could do the job most people ask for just as well, and it's free. But, like it or not, for business I think Office is where it's at still.

2.Outlook Express. I know most peo...

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26th Aug 2004 12:28

alternative to outlook
We are wedded to Aladesc, whilst it does the normal email stuff well, the unique factor to us is that we can go to activities and filter which shows, in mails, out mails, appointments and activities for one customer. The number of times we have wanted to go through a we said, they said, and using cases outside party1 said have made this one a must have for ourselves.

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23rd Aug 2004 18:07

ALternatives to Outlook
If you want a simple email interface without the full outlook functionality, try eudora. It has a small section for eudora sponsored ads (well it is free!!)and is probably less intuitive than outlook initially. However it does the job and is not MS outlook.

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26th Aug 2004 20:57

Use Thunderbird not Outlook or OE
Since you are using Firefox from Mozilla, why not use Thunderbird from the same stable for all your email.

You can switch off the automatic confirmations that the site exists by not getting .gif and .jpg from the site for junk mail, as well as not giving the sender of an email his auto notification.

I have used it for 3 months now and feel it is a well designed program and does not have the same address book structure as Windows, so those nasty bugs and worms just end up as part of the trash can that gets deleted causing no harm to the system.


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20th Aug 2004 16:02

Open Office and Abbyy
I second the comment re Open Office I have it at home and on my office machine. (saved buying excel at home)

Also another fine product from ABBY is their "transformer wizard" does a good OCR job with documents scanned in as pdfs on our big office all in one and converts PDFs not password protected off the web.

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19th Aug 2004 17:22

Free Software....
I must spend hours looking for genuinly free software that works. 2 programs I will recomend... SimpleOCR from, a very efficent OCR program that works happily with my cheap and nasty scanner & SimpleFTP, which does exactly what it says FTP's simply!

And I will recomend Open Office to anybody who needs a simple office type package, and it is probably worth installing along side Microsoft's offering. I have on my work machine and it will open files that Office wont and then allow you save the same file back in to an 'office freindly' format. So when people send you those horrid MS Works files that office wont open, OO will!

& if you dont want to pay for pdf generating software, PrimoPDF is another freebie that set's it self up like a printer & hey presto, pdf's from anything & everything. PDF output is also available directly from Open Office as well.....

Just a couple of useful, but free bits I've found as I hunt round the 'net.

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By John57
21st Jan 2010 12:13

Possible update ?

I have found this list very useful and have kept it on my PC as a reference.

However time and software have moved on - is there any chance of an updated list ?


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