MyCake: 'Changing the way creatives handle finance'

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Technology correspondent Jon Wilcox discusses the latest attempt to bring benchmarking to a wider audience with MyCake founder Sarah Thelwall.

For some microbusinesses within the creative industry, taking control of finances and comparing their performance against contemporaries is an alien notion. Instead, many utilise a rudimentary understanding of Microsoft Excel and box files to piece together a picture of their business.

Creative industry veteran, Sarah Thelwall, launched MyCake in 2007 to transform attitudes, and in her own words: change the way the creative industries handles finance.

MyCake is a benchmarking system that lets subscribers organise their data, and chart their performance against others in the same sector. So far, more than 300 microbusinesses have signed up to the...

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24th Mar 2009 22:23

@jon - thanks for the hat tip. Would you be kind enough to include a link please? As it stands, it reads like you/I had a conversation whereas you've quoted something out of an article I wrote.


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