MyFirmsApp automates client mobile messages

Automated client engagement tools from MyFirmsApp
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Mobile app platform developer MyFirmsApp has introduced automated messaging tools to help accountants connect more effectively with their clients.

Travelling under the banner of “behaviour-led messaging” and automated client engagement (ACE), new algorithms written into the company’s OneApp platform pick up client activity on an accountancy firm’s website or app and responds with a pre-written message.

MyFirmsApp has been beefing up the OneApp environment during the course of 2018 to position it as a key resource for client queries and collaboration. The platform brings together calculators, reference data and data-sharing tools to connect and engage with clients at all hours.

“When it comes to client service, first impressions hold the key to success,” said MyFirmsApp head of product management Mike Page. “The right communications with clients is an essential aim.”

As an example, Page presented the scenario of an owner-manager who was wondering about whether to put one of their children on the payroll. They might look for the answer on Google, but their accountant should do all they can to ensure the client asks them first.

“If you don’t know they want to pay some salary, you’re not in a position to help. The next time there’s a problem, where are they going to go? That’s a risk to the relationship,” Page said.

To deal with these situations, the automated messaging system can be set up to send the accountant an alert when a client uses one of the MyFirmsApp calculators or files a receipt. The pre-written messages can offering further advice and include a suggestion to get in touch if the client needs any further information.

The need to communicate effectively with the right message extends from dealing with prospects through to service delivery, Page continued. Next up, MyFirmsApp plans to release a mobile mechanism to help collect data when preparing tax returns: “You can’t start doing tax returns until you get the documentation. If you have to call five times, that’s five calls you shouldn’t have to make. If you get the communication right, the appropriate documentation comes at the right time.”

According to Page, smartphones lie at the heart of the client experience and being able to connect with them in this way will strengthen the relationship. “The beauty of mobile platform is that it has the ability to pull all these things together. You can pack it full of workflows to manage clients.”

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09th Aug 2018 09:38

Wow. Just Wow.

So let me get this straight - I am browsing and suddenly receive a message from my accountant who seems to have information relating to my browsing habits.

If this is the future I really, really don't want to be part of it.

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09th Aug 2018 11:39

"When it comes to client service, first impressions hold the key to success" - I'm not sure spamming your clients with pre-written automated messages and showing them that you're spying on their online activities is the key to good first impressions ^^

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