Natwest customers targeted by email scam

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Rachael Power
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Natwest customers have been the target of an email phishing scam, according to antivirus company Bitdefender. 

Following the suspension of Natwest's Get Cash app, which the bank denied had anything to do with reports of customers claiming money that had been stolen from their accounts.

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18th Oct 2012 12:21

We're all to blame.  There's

We're all to blame.  There's a very clear message to say to everyone: NEVER CLICK ON A LINK IN AN EMAIL.  It's nice and simple that everyone can understand it.

But along come the marketing chimps who "must have interactivity with our marketing communications",  which encourages people to click on the links.  Add to that the prevalence of WIndows security issues,  poor PC configuration...

Now the biggest question is what are Nat West doing allowing a single-factor logon?  It's not rocket science,  but by adding a secure key device,  the problem goes away.  But,  and it's a very big but,  these key devices are a right pain to work with;  people loose them,  forget them,  or struggle to use them.

Security : Ease of use : Low cost

Pick any two.

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