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John Stokdyk
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It’s printer season again on AccountingWEB! After the phenomenal success of our 2009 Printer Buyer’s Guides, they’re back with information on the best printers and multi-function devices on the market.

As with the previous edition, feedback from community members helped us whittle down the selection.

Choosing the most suitable device for your office is difficult because the printer market moves so quickly and there are so many to choose from. Some of the models that earned the highest recommendations in our survey are no longer available. Technology correspondent Jon Wilcox worked through the survey results and a range of sources and suppliers to make the selection for our first guide to desktop and workgroup printers.

If you want a printer:

  • For a small office where few other people are likely to use it
  • That fits into your available desk space
  • That typically prints fewer than 20 A4 pages a day
  • That is simple, cheap and doesn’t demand a lot of attention.

Then the Business Buyer’s Guide to Desktop Printers is the right edition for you. Download it now.

Our research is continuing for a second edition that will cover networked and enterprise machines that will be published next month. Feel free to post further comments here and keep an eye on AccountingWEB’s printer coverage.

The Business Buyer’s Guide to Desktop Printers is sponsored by OKI.


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16th Mar 2012 14:05

Not sure about this

Not sure how relevant this will be since, I believe, we are moving into the Post-Printer World.

The advent of online filing at Companies House, HMRC and other agencies that previously needed printed forms to be submitted means that the need to print in many accountancy firms must be vastly reduced.

That's before one takes the changes to the technology landscape generally into account.

Just saying :)


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19th Mar 2012 09:41

Can't argue with the 'theory'....

but experience suggests otherwise - itunes/online access to films etc.....any sign of the dvd/cd disappearing.....well not just yet.  I would add there is nothing worse than trying to review something on a screen, you can never see the full picture (literally).  I must be getting old!

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