New Year's resolution: develop your inner geek in 2009

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Last year's celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the first programmable computer got Simon Hurst thinking about the country's attitude to technology.

My name is Simon and I like information technology.

Yes, I know it's a terrible admission, but I felt I just had to get it off my chest. Perhaps now I've admitted my terrible secret in public I've taken the first step to a normal life where I too will be able to snigger at nerds and geeks who seem to get some satisfaction from an unnatural ability with technology.

Now that race, age, gender and sexual orientation are all off limits, one of the few politically correct targets left for stereotyping, derision and ridicule is technological competence.

Am I'm bein...

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06th Jan 2009 17:25

Linux, Free but not so Easy
I must confess too to be a rank amateur with Linux. However, it does satisfy the inner geek because here we have an OS that is not the subject of city profit forecasts like Microsoft but has an acceptably SLOW changing pace that allows me to catch up.

Firefox too has now taken over 20% of the browser market and to me this is wonderful. Linux will satisfy the inner geek of anybody willing to endure the pain barrier and what's more its free.

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