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News from the Cloud: NetSuite puts Oracle customers in its sights

21st Oct 2009
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A regular round-up of stories about web-based applications from our new sister site,

NetSuite puts Oracle customers in its sights

14 Oct - Online ERP software provider NetSuite has created a special “OneWorld for Oracle” edition to cater for E-Business Suite customers who want to run Cloud applications at divisional level linked to central Oracle applications at the corporate level.

The company’s SuiteCloud Connect for Oracle tools allow users to consolidate general ledger, order and revenue information from NetSuite into Oracle E-Business for group-level management reporting.

"NetSuite OneWorld for Oracle enables large companies to keep their investment in legacy business applications, while deploying a modern, web-based business application suite that reduces costs and helps make their divisions more competitive and employees more productive," said NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson.

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Vendor marketing campaigns for Cloud are misfiring

1 Oct - Cloud Computing strikes fear into technology directors, who can see how it might do them out of a job in the way that centralised supply of electricity killed off the careers of company electricity directors in the early 20th centry, reported Bathwick Group principal analyst Dr Katy Ring after a recent breakfast meeting with CIOs.

The move to the Cloud is now happening, they accept and new skills will be needed to manage IT services delivered by external suppliers.

“Cloud could be useful in terms of getting service provision correctly reallocated back to different departments… because with Cloud, departments get real autonomy since you can switch applications on and off which may make proper service allocation easier to manage internally,” said one participant.

As well as affecting internal IT skill requirements, the seminar raised doubts about whether current mainstream providers would be able to make the transition to Cloud delivery. When customers devise best practices for managing enterprise deals and the market achieves stability, Cloud-based IT services will change irrevocably. Another CIO commented, “For Cloud services we should be thinking of real commodity services where suppliers can be swapped out every couple of years to keep up with the most competitive deals.”


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