No Accounting for Taste ep24: Mental health in accountancy

11th Oct 2018
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No accounting for taste

Pod regular Della Hudson joins the No Accounting for Taste podcast team to discuss mental health in the profession, the cashless economy and her new book.

Click the play button in the box above to listen to the podcast and hear host and editor of AccountingWEB Tom Herbert, along with business editor Francois Badenhorst, round up the week's top stories in accountancy.

In a previous working life, Hudson started her own practice, Hudson Co, which she sold earlier this year (as told in a series of articles on AccountingWEB). She is now a business coach and author, and her first book, The Numbers Business: How to build a successful cloud accountancy practice, was published last month.

In this pod, she discusses accountant stress and burnout, how she countered this by putting strict limits on the amount of time she spent on her practice, and how she now helps her business clients move away from 80-hour weeks and get their lives back.

Enjoy the podcast and if you'd like more information on the topics discussed here are the links:

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