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No Accounting for Taste ep36: Should firms microchip their staff?

21st Mar 2019
Editorial team AccountingWEB.co.uk
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No accounting for taste

On this week’s pod the AccountingWEB team talk Lorraine Kelly and IR35, getting to your first £100,000, and making accountants digital.

As a podcast team living in permanent fear of the rise of Skynet, Mark Taylor’s story on the moral implications behind personal identification microchip technology provided a natural talking point.

But in a week when a daytime TV presenter became embroiled in an IR35 tax tribunal, the pod team were not short of juicy news from the world of accountancy to discuss. This included a popular article on how sole practitioners can navigate the long road to £100,000, and a new victim of the national minimum wage beartrap.

Joining editor and host Tom Herbert in the AccountingWEB studio are practice editor Richard Hattersley and business editor Francois Badenhorst. Tom also dials up sunny Milton Keynes to talk tax with Rebecca Cave – more specifically, the headline-grabbing tax tribunal involving daytime TV presenter Lorraine Kelly and HMRC.


Don’t forget, we’ll be recording the pod live at Accountex on the 1st of May at 3pm in the How to theatre. As well as the usual ramble through the world of accountancy we’ll have some special guests - watch this space!

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