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GDPR what now

On Compliance podcast: GDPR - What's next?

25th May 2018
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GDPR data rules are now enforceable, but how prepared are accountants and what should they do to remain compliant?

Click in the box above to listen to the podcast and find out what accounting firms have done to prepare for the regulations, and measures they can take to ensure compliance in the future.

Recorded at Accountex 2018, this podcast features employment law expert Annabel Kaye and practice owner Matt Portte.

Over the past month accountants and non-accountants alike have been buried under a flurry of GDPR-related emails, the quality of which has been somewhat varied in terms of best practice.

According to Kaye, if a recipient of marketing email has properly consented under the old rules and the sender of the email hasn't changed anything, then the sender will be compliant under the new rules."If not," said Kaye, "you do need to re-consent."

"If you're talking about emailing existing customers about getting something like a tax return in, you don't need consent," continued Kaye.

In terms of future conduct to comply with GDPR, Kaye stated that accounting firms should keep an eye on the landscape, as the regulations are new and as yet untested, and may change depending on the result of the first test cases.


"GDPR is a process," she said. "It's a way of working. It's a way of keeping data secure, and that's a job that's never really done."

Kaye also recommended regular reviews of GDPR practice, and also an in-depth analysis of any new software a firm may use in the future to ensure they are compliant.


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