Online tax repayments await April website upgrade

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Accountants and taxpayers wanting to request repayments online for excess amounts of tax will have to wait for at least two weeks before they can do so. John Stokdyk reports

AccountingWEB member Phil Rees first raised the issue on 18 March when he was unable to access Self Assessment Online. Returning to the portal the following day, he reported getting a message saying that tax had been overpaid and that an amount was available for repayment.

Clicking on the "Request a repayment" button generated the response: "Your Self Assessment records show you have no amounts available for repayment."

When he clicked on the "Ask a question" link, the system logged him out. Ken Howard reported a similar experience, while and Thomas Peterson had been told by the online help desk...

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By Anonymous
27th Mar 2008 12:31

The whole system seems to be in melt down!

We have had problems with disappearing passwords for logins and now we go round in circles when trying to get into VAT online via our normal login (although if you go in via another shortcut it works?!)

God knows how it will cope with all the tinkering the government has done with tax rates etc.

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By Anonymous
26th Mar 2008 15:15

It doesn't work
It still doesn't work, of course. But it still tells you that it does.

So if we can't use it for two weeks, why doesn't it say that?

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