PAYE: 2006-07 Penalties cancelled for online submissions

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HMRC has announced that those who were incorrectly sent penalty notices despite filing their 2006/07 PAYE returns online will not have to appeal against them.

It says that it has now identified the particular employers who were sent a penalty notice by mistake. The error is confined to online returns and mostly affects those sent to HMRC on 17 May.

The penalties will be cancelled centrally and HMRC says that it is writing to each employer affected to confirm this and to apologise. The current postal difficulties may mean receipt of these letters may be delayed.

Affected employers will know from their online receipt if their return was made by 28 May. If it was there is no need to take any action by way of an appeal or otherwise.

HMRC add: We would like to apologise again for any inconve...

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By Anonymous
25th Oct 2007 07:25
The Revenue have now amended the above web address for the apology regarding incorrect penalties.

Earlier this month it was given as 2006penalties.htm

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25th Oct 2007 16:12

I think an appeal should be sent as a matter of course. If the Revenue cannot use correct information, can they be trusted to rectify their mistakes?

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26th Oct 2007 08:55

PAYE Online
As usual the Revenue are lying.
It isn't just online filing where they have issued penalty notices in error. We have a case where there was a NIL return, we sent a letter to the tax district, they sent a letter back acknowledging receipt of a 'NIL' return, they then sent the client a £400 penalty. We rang the tax office expecting them to say 'sorry' and to forget the penalty notice. Instead they said we would need to appeal in any case. We have done this and also sent a snotty letter to the district inspector. The sheer arrogance is just unbelievable.
I do hope everyone who received a penalty notice wrote and complained as well.

David Harrison

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25th Oct 2007 16:50

A bit late
Shame that HMRC advised to appeal against the penalties and therefore we already have done.

Still better luck next year.

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By Anonymous
26th Oct 2007 09:28

Penalty fines
HMRC should be made to compensate for the cockups and errors committed. We shibmitted on in April, again in June and again in Oct 2007. Royal Mail had confirm ites delivery and yet HMRC swears blind that they have not been received. We accordingly appealed regardless what HMRC had said. Officer handling the appeal was arrogrant and obstructive say that the penalty had to be paid for as return was not not received by them. Who do we trust? Royal Mail of HMRC. Royal Mail has evidence by HMRC denies evidence.

What a circus HMRC is. They should get their acts together and get a grip of these penalties. They should pay penalties 3 times the value of tax paid. In this way there will be more due diligence, accountability and responsibilities. The onus is on them. I know they are human but in this instance they are absolutely unaccountable to no one but themselves. This is wrong!

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By Anonymous
26th Oct 2007 11:49

It's gone beyond appeals
I suspect this situation will be better next year but the only answer is to both refuse to appeal and refuse to pay.

The trouble is that the time wasted is not the taxpayer's.

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