PAYE annual returns - HMRC's top tips for stress-free filing (update)

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Employers annual returns (P14s and P35) for the 2006/07 financial year must be filed with HMRC by 19 May 2007. In this practical briefing, the department advises it's not a good idea to leave things until the last minute. You can also avoid congeston by filing online returns outside office hours.

Employers filing - who needs to do it, and how

If you employed 50 or more staff on 30 October 2005 you must file your return online. If there were less than 50 employees at that date, youre eligible for a tax-free payment of 150 if you file online even though you dont have to.

You only have to send a 2006-07 Employer Annual Return if you had to fill in at least one Deduct...

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19th Apr 2007 14:51

Call in to report a nil return
HMRC can not really been serious. I have tried this without any luck (engged tones on several calls, then of course call queues).

It is just simpler to put in an electronic nil return. This provides proof that something has been done.

Last year I did call to cancel the payroll of one employer and this year a return appeared again.

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25th Apr 2007 18:16

Membership for life
Oh, don't get me started.

Once started on PAYE/CIS, it's practically impossible to cancel one's subscription. I'm still getting returns for companies that died years back.

And of course, monthly reminders are sent for those on quarterly/annual schemes all over again.

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25th Apr 2007 23:40

HMRC incompetence
HMRC are always going to be in absolute chaos while they have their present attitude.

Have you tried completing the PAYE agent authorisation online? They give an example of the Accounts Office reference without the "00" - many documents omit them when they quote the reference but the PAYE agent authorisation requres them so why obviously omit them from the example?

I wish HMRC wouldn't tell us not to do stupid things when making submissions when it would appear that HMRC would be better to concentrate on not doing stupid things themselves!

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